Looking to create a custom scarf for your team or organization but aren’t sure which type of scarf to purchase?  You’re not alone. Custom scarves are not something that many of us purchase frequently and in turn, the details and specifications may seem confusing and overwhelming. No need to stress as below we have broken down the various styles of scarves that we provide to offer a little guidance.

Knitted Scarves

Custom Jacquard Knit Scarf
Custom High Definition Knit Scarf

When you visualize a soccer scarf, you are more than likely picturing a knitted scarf. Often referred to as stadium scarves, spirit scarves, or football scarves, knitted acrylic scarves are double-sided, fully customizable and offer a feel that is thicker and softer than woven or printed scarves. Artwork can be knitted directly into the body of the scarf, no need for patches or embroidery (although patches and embroidery are available). Knitting the artwork directly into the scarf is a colorful and unique way to display your logo, but it does present several drawbacks.  Due to the finite number of stitches available in the scarf panel, artwork often needs to be simplified in order to knit it out. This simplification process results in a loss of resolution and clarity in the artwork. Small details such as text or intricate shapes are difficult to knit as there may not be enough stitches available to ensure that the artwork is legible.  An example of a digital artwork to knitted product translation can be found in the illustration below:

Our Jacquard Knit Scarf and our High Definition Knit Scarf are our two most popular scarf styles. The main difference between the two styles is the knit pattern. Our High Definition Knit Scarf features a tighter knit pattern, resulting in more stitches per inch. The increased stitch count results in clearer artwork, brighter colors, and a softer, stretchier feel. In addition, our High Definition Knit Scarf features a limit of 8 yarn colors while our Jacquard Knit Scarf can only handle up to 5 colors.

Contrary to popular belief, knitted scarves are not only worn in colder climates. Both of our knitted scarf styles are heavy enough to ensure durability, but light enough to remain breathable for those outdoor summer games. This flexibility allows for knitted scarves to serve as an excellent fundraising item and team spirit tool regardless of the season. Although our custom knitted scarves are often thought of as a sports related product, they are often used by companies as an effective marketing tool.

Printed Scarves

Soft Touch Printed Scarf
Custom High Definition Printed Scarf

If you are looking to include an image or very complex logo in your design, a printed scarf might be right for you. Printed scarves feature a double-sided polyester body and acrylic fringe. The body of a printed scarf is much thinner than a knitted scarf and features a much smoother feel. Artwork is printed on to the body of the scarf as opposed to knitted or woven into the body of the scarf. The result is a full color, high definition rendering of the artwork. Images of people, scenery, and gradient patterns look best on a printed scarf. The ability to include a very high amount of detail and color is an attractive benefit for organizations concerned about their artwork looking as close to perfect as possible.

Woven Scarves

Single-Sided Woven Scarf
High Definition Single-Sided Woven Scarf

Unlike our printed and knitted scarves, our woven scarves are single-sided, with a custom design on one side and a negative of that design on the other. The lack of two sides results in a more economical scarf that is often used for giveaways or promotional purposes. Woven scarves offer a slightly more rigid feel than knitted and printed scarves but remain comfortable when worn. The thickness of our woven scarves is thicker than a printed scarf but thinner than a knitted scarf.

We offer two different types of woven scarves, our High Definition Single-Sided Woven Scarf and our Single-Sided Woven Scarf. Similar to our knitted scarves, the main difference between the two styles is the tightness of the weave. The High Definition Single-Sided Woven Scarf features a higher stitch density and in turn offers a more robust feel, brighter colors, and clearer artwork.


If you’re looking to create your own custom scarf, you have a number of options available and there is no single scarf style that is better than the rest. In terms of popularity, knitted scarves are the clear winner, followed by printed scarves and woven scarves respectively. Each scarf style that we offer provides a different set of benefits but you can be sure that any custom scarf you order from SportsScarf will be a high-quality, excellent looking scarf that you can be proud of.

For more information on our custom scarf styles, contact us at order@sportsscarf.com or 877-507-2272.