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bronx knit hat
Bronx Knit Hat
beanie knit hat
Beanie Knit Hat

Bronx Style Knit Hat

Often referred to as a toque, our custom knit hats are made of high quality acrylic yarn, resulting in a comfortable and durable knit hat will look as look as great as it feels. Artwork can be knitted directly in to the body of the hat or attached via high definition embroidery. Our Bronx Style Knit Hat features a fold on the bottom of the hat for increased warmth. Multi-colored poms are available.

Material: 100% Acrylic
Design: Double-sided
Colors: 7Color Max.
Pom: 3 Color Max.
Minimum: 50 hats

Available Sizes:

  • One Size Fits All

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Bronx Knit Hat top
Bronx Knit Hat bottom

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