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Bars and Restaurants

Custom scarves and knit hats are the perfect marketing tool to gain awareness for your brand. Promote your bar and build customer loyalty by letting customers show off their support. Generate traffic at your bar or restaurant by offering your very own custom scarves and knit hats as part of your merchandise collection! Our custom scarves and knit hats are perfect for retail stores, gift shops, giveaways, employee gifts, promotions, and more!

Breweries and Beer Brands

Looking for a new way to promote your brewery or your newest line of beer? Create a completely customized scarf or knit hat! Generate interest and brand recognition by showing off scarves and hats donned with your logos and colors. Deck your employees and customers out in your scarves and hats and let the merchandise promote your brand! Our scarves and hats are perfect promotional tools for tastings, brewery tours, gift shops, employee gifts, and more!

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Logo & Brand Scarves

Corporate & Business

Custom business scarves provide a memorable, fun, and colorful way to deliver your brand’s message.
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Music & Entertainment

Great for band promotion with a logo or name, events & festivals, tour dates, co-branded promotions, and more.
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Bars & Breweries

Our scarves help promote your bar and build customer loyalty, while letting customers show their support.
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Pride & Equality Scarves

High quality pride & equality scarves for every event, rally, cause, organization, and its supporters.
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More Logo Scarves

Scarves are a great way to help promote politicians, support charities, celebrate holidays, and more.
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