Custom Hockey Scarves

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Hockey Clubs and Junior Leagues

Looking for a way to raise funds to buy ice time or send your team on an expensive trip? Custom hockey scarves are the perfect fundraising item. Creating scarves for your youth hockey program will keep your fans warm while making your fans stand out from the rest.

High School and College Hockey

Promote your hockey program with your very own custom scarves. Have your fans pack the rink and show your team colors. Scarves are perfect for tournaments, awards, giveaways, gifts, and more!

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Recreational Leagues

Heading out after your recreational league game? Promote your team and show off to the rest of your league with your own custom scarf. Custom scarves are perfect gifts for end of the year events or ceremonies.

Professional Hockey

We work with teams from the NHL, AHL, OHL, ECHL to create store-quality scarves for merchandising, marketing, and promotional purposes. Whether you are looking to add scarves to your product line or looking for 20,000 piece giveaway item, we can create the perfect product for you.

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Our custom scarves are a unique way for your hockey fans to show their support. We provide a variety of scarf styles and design options so no two scarves will look the same. Whether your scarves are for the NHL, AHL, or your local team or club, the possibilities are endless! We offer traditional knit styles, like our Jacquard Knit or High Definition Knit, and we also offer lightweight printed styles for detailed design work.

To get started on designing your custom hockey scarf, visit our Get Started page today! If you have any questions, you can call us at (877) 507-2273.

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